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232 definitions by brad

CALIFORNIA penal code for Murder, so that means that 187 is not the murder penal code on the East Coast!!!
Snitches get 187
by Brad July 29, 2003
San Antonio Spurs Power Foward
Best Power Foward In NBA.
2 Time MVP Tim Duncan
by Brad January 29, 2004
G's are Gangstas,Listen to Snoop Dogg or Dr.Dre,N.W.A,Ice Cube,
'Aint Nuthin but a G Thang' by Snoop Dogg
by Brad June 01, 2004
One who raids the seas of ass-cheeze
Argh me matey, sure do love to swab the poop deck
by Brad November 05, 2003
An inconsequential opinion or comment given to another person on a particular topic. Not because it was warranted, but because the giver felt compelled to say it, regardless of its relevance.
Say two professors are in a deep discussion on Super String Theory, then a undergraduate student pipes in and says something just to be a part of the conversation, with out any real knowledge of the subject. That would be consider "throwing in your two cents."
by brad May 20, 2004
When your down with Sublime ya get...
Funky fresh lyrics!
by Brad March 31, 2003
an attractive, powerful, and luxurious car. the performance is superb and so is the pretty much everything about the car.
The Nissan 350z is more than a second slower than the latest Skyline GTR in the 1/4th mile.
The 350z is in no way as quick as a Skyline GTR.
by brad October 11, 2003