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something that is difficult or daunting
man that history exam was a doozy! i think i failed :(
by asdf October 09, 2003
Something extraordinary or bizarre. Etymology: perhaps alteration of daisy, and Duesenberg, a luxury car of the late 1920s and 1930s. It's an English expression.
"That footballer's form is a doozy!",
"Man, that one was a real doozy!"
by RaDragon March 29, 2005
Something that is extraordinary. Often used in the context of troublesome, difficult or problematic, but can be used positively as well. (Root word: Doozy)
In the context of problems: These math questions, they're some doozies!

In the context of something extraordinary: Whoa! These large earth movers are quite some doozies!
by piggus_undergroundus August 26, 2009
Something that is better than everything else. Also, a famous Runescape player who is one of the best in that game.
Man, I swear that weed was a doozy.
by shw0wstr January 22, 2011
A new drug started in WA

That is consumed by being snorted

It almost has the same effect as ecstasy

Hits you faster

Less dangerous

Gives you lots of energy and doesn't show up on drug tests.

Good to do before sport.
"Oi man I had some doozies the other day and played like a champion."
"I had some at a party n stayed up all night having the best time"
by Trendiii August 31, 2015
When someone sticks their thumb up your butt.
"Have you and your lover discovered anal sex, yet?"

"No, but we have been trying the doozy."
by Butt Play March 03, 2015
A delicious drink in a can or bottle
get us a couple of doozies while we sit on the beach and watch some babes
by the master of dooz July 24, 2011
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