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The state of being "ass".
Dude, Matrix: Reloaded was fucking asstacular!
by gesis September 18, 2003
Used to describe something that is displeasing to oneself.
Wow, that show was pretty asstacular.
by Nick November 10, 2002
Used to describe something that is so completely terrible, it is fantastic (or spectacular) in and of itself.
Music videos from the early nineties are asstacular!
by Leslie March 28, 2005
is an ass that is better than all asses in the land.
DAMN girl your ass looks ASS-TACULAR in that thong.
by Tino June 01, 2004
Of or pertaining to ass, especially on a large scale or in a dramatic manner
"Oh man, he humiliated himself it was asstacular"

"The atmosphere is asstacular"

"It was a display of asstacular proportions"
by moreamazing January 26, 2009
the accreditation for performing a grand, idiotic stunt.
Dude, that was asstacular when you did that stage dive naked on the Today Show!'"
by scarredpsyche December 30, 2010
1. Contraction of the words ASS and SPECTACULAR.
Used to describe something (or someone) of amazing quality usually that of an erotic nature.

2. Something (or someone) that is badass or sexy.
Rene'(on phone): So what are you wearin'.
Julie: Some Cut-off jean shorts and a tight cotton shirt.
(Rene' to Himself): Asstacular!!!
by Rene' May 17, 2006
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