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I see you
Dude:Hey guess what?
Dude:I C U!!!
Guy:I'm going to have to kill you now.
by Bone October 15, 2003
A form of the most horny dancing imaginable. Guys looking for ass will grind profusely with random girls in order to pursuade them to come home and get some bun action. Involves pushing the male genitalia up the ass of the female.
At the club last nite, I got hammered and was grinding with every girl in there...so much, that my package was sore the next day
by BONE May 03, 2003
Italian-American phrase used primarily by people in northern New Jersey with connections. Is also used by people in New York. It means nothing, crap, sh*t.
"What the f*ck do you know?!? You don't know stugats!"

"I got stugats for my birthday...I didn't even get a freaking card."

"You're so f*cking stupid, you got stugats for brains."
by BONE May 03, 2003
Someone who parties like an animal; also refers to clubbers.
"There were over 50,000 punters at this rave I went to last weekend."
by BONE May 04, 2003

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