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Sangos pet cat demon from Inuyasha. Although this is the wrong way to spell her name its Kirara not Kilala.
Sango may I borrow Kirara?
by Bone September 02, 2003
a girls butt, usually an attractive one
yo nigga, check out that nice bakassi
by bone July 20, 2004
a. Sarcastic or exasperated state provoked by the expression of emo sentiments.

b. Mock-emo.
a. Stop it with the masturbating and crying--you're making me all emu.

b. Life just hasn't been worth living since Dashboard Confessional called me pathetic.
by bone February 07, 2004
1) Somethin awesome or "tight"
2) Annoying fucken females runnin there mouths.
1) Damn that car is bitchin.
2) Damn slut quit your bitchin.
by Bone August 14, 2003
To bind something or someone until it croaks.
Heh heh heh! I'm going to squeeze your body until you suffocate! Why? BECAUSE I'M EVIL! MWA HA HA HA!

Guy1:Evil or insane?
Me:I heard that!
by Bone July 22, 2004
See Fuck yeah

The F is used in place of fuck to avoid offending someone IRL or violating a TOS on the net.
Woman 1: OMG he punched that guy so hard he fell out the window!
Man 1: F YEAH! I pwned your ass man! F YEEEAAH!!!
by Bone June 18, 2005
A term used to desribe something negatively.
"Man that shirt is so egg...what were you thinking when you bought that?"

"That exam was egg...the test was on nothing I studied."

"Maxim is egg...they don't even show naked chicks."

"Yankee fans are egg...they're so fucking annoying."
by BONE May 04, 2003

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