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39 definitions by bone

Literal Italian translation is "good pussy." This term should be used when talking about girls when in their presence. If you don't want to blunt and talk about how hot some bitch is...just say she's a buona figa.
"That's some serious buona figa right there...damn I want to tap that ass!"
by BONE May 03, 2003
In simple words...it is a blow job.
I was so drunk last nite that I found myself chattin with a wombatic dick shark that insisted on giving me some knob suction.
by BONE May 03, 2003
Some robot from "Whatever happened to Robot Jones?" Who sounds boring when saying certain things like "nnnoooo" or "aaahhh"
Hey whats up Robot...*slash* YEOWCH!!
by Bone September 02, 2003
A girl that loves giving head.
I woke up happy as a pig in shit this morning because I went to bed with a knee dropper.
by BONE May 03, 2003
A method for grooming a woman's pubic hair. The hair is shaved into a small strip upwards from the vagina. See also landing strip
and she had the nicest little tiger tail
by Bone June 17, 2004
Cockjockery is the basic behavior engaged in by people who are termed "cockjockeys." These cockjockeys are similar to their distant cousins, horse jockeys, but while jockeying horses is a strenuous sport and a demanding career, jockeying cocks is mainly an unnecessary exercise in personal degradation and worthless intercourse. It's similar to asshattery and is often confused with it, but there are certain earmarks which distinguish the two, the most common being the desire to loopback the offender in the case of cockjockery, as opposed to the desire to administer a lensmanning/goatseing in the case of asshattery.

Please keep in mind that this is almost never used interchangeably with buttsechs, which can be a physical expression of two people's deep and abiding love for one another.
The cockjockery routinely indulged in by that prissy little bitch is beyond belief.
by bone July 20, 2004
A dead guy with a halo over his head. Also known as 0X(
Ahhh help me! *squish* 0 X(
by Bone October 15, 2003