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1) An emoticon, with ones eyes crossed and tongue sticking out. Obviously this means "retarded."
2) The most recent edition of the Windows OS, recognizable by the GUI that looks like it was made by Playskool, and the code that was probably written by same. The OS was named for said emoticon.
3) Short for Experience in many RPGS. Variant of EXP.
"Delete XP and install Slackware, dipshit."
"You need 100 XP for a level."
by JiaXue September 15, 2003
An emoticon that signifies "laughing really hard while sticking out the tongue."

See also: XD
P1: Crab Cakes.
P2: omgwtflol
P1: XP
by hfs May 16, 2003
Abbreviation for 'XPISTOS', Greek for Christ.
Why does Father John have an XP on his robes?
by ScottX November 27, 2006
An abbreviation for 'experience' in the context of role playing games, usually given in a point value and used to determine a character's level.
Damn, killing that Farastu Gehreleth last session gave me 6000 XP! That puts me up to level seven.
by Grimrider November 27, 2002
1) Short-hand version of "Windows XP," one of Microsoft's operating systems for PCs.

2) The first two letters of the Greek word XRISTOS, Christ; -- an abbreviation used with the letters separate or, oftener, in a monogram, often inclosed in a circle, as a symbol or emblem of Christ. It use as an emblem was introduced by Constantine the Great, whence it is known as the Constantinian symbol, or monogram.
1) "XP is so much more stable than 98, but the work space is so small and they re-arranged the UI... again!"

2) "WHOA! I didn't know XP is the shortened Greek version of Christ!"
by R.P.G. May 02, 2003
A random symbol that Eric Simeonoglou likes add at the end of every sentence.
P1- Hi
eric- Hi. XP LOL
by xplol June 12, 2010
xP is usually used when texting sms's or mail's to say that you are kidding about something,that you did something better than your interlocutor... xP
Person 1 : I got 8 on my Maths test...
Person 2 : Well,I got 10,as I was studying all night long... xP
by simply_adorable July 31, 2009
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