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a female with a juicy vagina
she has some good pussy on her
by George Courtney February 23, 2004
a pussy that feels good to you,and is a good and tight: not too juicy.a pussy that is out of shape too big:a pussy that moves and rolls to bring you to climax easy: a pussy you can't get enough of at any time.
her pussy fit tightly on my penis:her pussy was silky and not too wet.her pussy contracted and messaged my penis: her pussy made me climax withit's grip on my penis.her pussy made me want more and more each day.
by Honey Cooler 'B' March 18, 2005
Goodpussy is a new-age word that reflects and agendas a high level of awareness. A mervelous, ecstatic, supreme state of being. Excellent, brilliant and even wonderful are good descriptions but they are still not enough to expain how you feel. Before the word goodpussy there was no way to accurately describe this deliriously delicious high we all hunger for.
1. Your doctor saying to you "No, you do not have cancer!"
2. A letter that comes in the mail anouncing you the winner in your state's lottery with your name on a check for $10,000,000.
3. If I were your friend and I loved you, the most and best that I could wish for you would be that you have a beautiful goodpussy life and a wonderful goodpussy day.
#happiness #nirvana #euphoria #joy #sadness
by peterthefreshman July 08, 2007
An adjective used to describe excellence or superiority. Especially used to characterize the undisclosed feeling of achievement after a specific victory. The antonym of goodpussy is doghog.
"I truly had a goodpussy evening after receiving my long awaited promotion."

"Not only was she funny and interesting to talk to, but this girl had a goodpussy body to match."

"We always have a goodpussy time on dollar-beer night at the bar."
#superb #superior #bitchin' #the shit #doghog
by Zak-A-Plenty February 17, 2008
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