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39 definitions by bone

(v) Slang for female masturbation.
Don't bother me, I'm playing DJ.
by Bone June 17, 2004
One of the coolest TV shows of its time.
I want them to bring back Monster Rancher and show all three seasons uncut!
by Bone February 15, 2004
noun: a semi-erect penis
verb: to wobber, to be slapped in the face with a semi
"lynsey took a wobbering off of scott"
by Bone March 15, 2005
A girl that appears to have a banging body and face inside the club, but once the lights go on, she resembles a wombat, desert bat, bandicoot, rottweiler, or even a war pig.
I was talking to this hot bitch last night at the club...man she was blingin. Then the lights come on, and she was a strobelight girl...so ugly and disgusting, I had to run away.
by BONE May 03, 2003
Latios sister and my favorite Dragon Pokemon. Kind of looks like a pink and white jet plane with eyes. She has Psychic abilities which allows her to see through her brothers eyes and become invisible. She can also take on the form of a human.
Latias! Use Dragon Claw!
by Bone April 26, 2004
Crazy annoying fat guy in the movie "Super Troopers"

"Car Ram-rod"
by Bone August 14, 2003
The Italian version of "John Doe." Refers to any person when you don't know his name. Similar to stugats.
"Hey...who was that Vinny Goombots you were out with last nite? What the f*ck was his name?"
by BONE May 03, 2003