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Ethnic Australian corruption of mate, meaning "general word you call anyone when you can't be fucked saying their name."
Good one, moit.
by bobby March 13, 2003
n: Anything amazing that comes unexpectedly, whether it is class getting cancelled, a new keg shows up at a party, or an abundance of hot girls appear at a bar (Chicago).

(also pronounced SEOCK DEOP)
I thought she wanted nothing to do with me, but then she asked me upstairs. SICK DIP.
by Bobby April 14, 2005
A more advanced form of a dingle berry.

Any mass of dried fecal matter clinging to the hairs surrounging the anus.

A cake-like substance not intended for human consumption. Is often found on the ass of obese truck drivers who suffer from cabbage ass.
Man, I thought dingle brownies were a breakfast cereal. I was so wrong. Now I know that they are just the nasty, half-digested leftovers from that truck stop burrito.
by bobby February 03, 2004
Something that is awesome. Ethnic Australian corruption of sweet, frequently heard when talking about cars.
My Monaro man, it swoit moit.
by bobby March 13, 2003
When you are taking a number 2. And someone is doing the same thing on your lap in between your legs.
Hurry up I have to shit too, or unlock the door and we can puerto rican field goal it up
by Bobby April 11, 2005
A crazy bastard with a corny voice that stars in the kiddy cartoon pokemon.
He has the voice of Ash Katchum!
by bobby April 12, 2004
: bad wrong
Killing is badong.
by bobby April 26, 2003

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