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One who is bad at a certain skill, technique, or subject in school.
John was an avid struggler when it came to geometry.
by Bobby November 23, 2003
abbreviation for "fucking owns"
Meaning: Total domination or ownage.

Also see fwned.
Urbandictionary.com fwns!
by Bobby October 20, 2003
Faith Lastrella is the coolest girl I know. She helps me with my homework and gets my book before english class
Faith Lastrella is awesome
by Bobby December 13, 2004
1. The exclamation or interjection of the knowledge of a sexual favor or situation.
2. A gimicky word derived by Kevin Smith in order to portay a movie as hip.
monica: I suck you dick.

ben: I fucked those tig ole' bitties.
by bobby May 25, 2004
A native of Rhode Island who is a huge fan of psychopathic records and always carries a blow up bed in his car... you know, just in case.
Luna-Chriz is such a prepared juggalo.
by Bobby March 30, 2004
great music of the 1960s. influenced by ravi shankar, the beatles, elvis, buddah, jesus, drugs, and hippies.

nuggets is a pretty good example of a great psychedelic compilation.
electric prunes is so psychedelic.
by bobby January 07, 2004
Slang term used for marijuana, Started as I-5 weed slang.
Hey man, you got any doolers?
by Bobby April 24, 2005

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