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118 definitions by bobby

a place
in new jersey
that isnt cracked out
itjust blows.
cause there is nothing to do here.



by bobby January 06, 2005
49 40
A short but fat Jew.
Man that Maxo was funny lookin
by Bobby March 02, 2004
14 5
great music of the 1960s. influenced by ravi shankar, the beatles, elvis, buddah, jesus, drugs, and hippies.

nuggets is a pretty good example of a great psychedelic compilation.
electric prunes is so psychedelic.
by bobby January 07, 2004
82 73
Countries with a corrupt government, a falling economy, and a growing poverty rate.
Countries such as Haiti, Afghanistan, Liberia, Congo, Burma, Bosnia, and Tajikistan are good examples of failed states.
by Bobby February 25, 2005
12 4

A lady who appears to be good looking at a distance, but it actualy not once inspected closely.
That girl looked pretty good from across the club, but as I walked up to her I had to just keep on walking. A definite fifty yard fake.
by Bobby August 12, 2003
8 0
If you know about qualuculus you are probably an insider or learned about it from a site like qualculus.4t.com

Qualculus has been used by consultants in the computer industry to design program.
Qualculus was created at University of Wisconsin.
by Bobby April 26, 2005
16 9
An Autobot sceintist who transforms into a microscope. Also a nerd.
That Perceptor is such a nerd.
by Bobby April 10, 2005
6 0