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the name given to someone who keeps his cool no matter what. in a crash or at a funeral, no tear will be shed. On holiday or with $10000000, no glee will be had
the guy over there is a right hitesh
by bobby April 01, 2004
Guys that come when you did something bad. So bad that the cops dont want to handle, or are on a donut break.
"yo, we aint eva gonna get outta thiscoke filled buildin, the swat team is comin!"
by bobby December 12, 2003
1. A common term used by Maury Povitch on his syndicated television show "Maury" describing an actress who is hired to put guests in difficult, sexually tense, situations in order to prove the guests' infidelity to their mates.
Usually narrated by Maury Povitch: "We've set up a sexy decoy with Eric. Lets see what happens."
by Bobby June 02, 2004
Stands for Command And Conquer. The N is short for "And".
Command And Conquer refers to Westwood's games such as CnC: Red Alert, Cnc: Red Alert 2, Cnc: Generals, and Cnc: Renegade.
I have all the CnC games!
by bobby April 12, 2004
The Cannabis city of the UK.
Stockport where they have real Cannabis and not imitation, soapbar hash. Stockport. The land of the free.
We have 8 skunk and 3 hash,
3 Cannabis cafes, no hookers.
by bobby April 20, 2004
Ethnic Australian corruption of mate, meaning "general word you call anyone when you can't be fucked saying their name."
Good one, moit.
by bobby March 13, 2003
Fucking asshole who should kill herself she has ugly bruises on her legs and is skinny and loves taking huge tree branches up her butt. She is probually one of the most unattractive women ive ever seen.
ugly bruised dog slut who wishes she could suck jeff hannons penis but even he has moral and wouldnt let that creature slob on his knob.
by bobby April 20, 2005
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