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gay kid named tyler
hehehe, tyler is a foolk
by bob January 30, 2004
Shervin - AKA an Arrogant, Procrastinating, Annoying, Over-opinionated TWAT
"Man your such a Shervin"
by Bob January 31, 2005
lame ass mother fucker. heard it back in the late 70s. seemed to derive from the Punk movement.
Eric: Did you see Seth last night at the party?

Mitch: Yeah. He was a real lamf.
by Bob October 05, 2004
All of these other people saying what this is are all WRONG!!

The real P town is Poway.
P town is the city in the country.
P town has a ghetto that is not very ghettoish.
by Bob April 06, 2005
When you crap in your pants, then remove them. You proceed to tell your loved one to close their eyes. Then you proceed to slap her in the face with the excrement ladened under garments.
I gave your mom a mud pie.
by Bob February 20, 2005
what pussies say because they are too scared to say fuck or shit
oh shucks i tripped
fuck dude shut up
by bob May 13, 2004
1-0 to the oxford boys, 1-0 to the oxford boys, 1-0 to the oxford boys.
jefferson louis
by bob October 24, 2003

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