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Another way of saying n00b.
N00d: D0N'T 5CR3W W1TH M4 0R 1'll 1337 H4X04 J00
Guy: STFU you n00d before i bitch slap you
by bob July 30, 2003
Someone who rubs their face and lick duckbutter
man that guy had a butterface
by Bob February 18, 2004
A tip drill is a girl with a huge nice booty and an ugly face
Look at that girls face shes soo ugly!! But look at her ass, shes a tipdrill!
by bob March 08, 2005
Shervin - AKA an Arrogant, Procrastinating, Annoying, Over-opinionated TWAT
"Man your such a Shervin"
by Bob January 31, 2005
Another crappy band loved hysterically, not only for their feminine makeup and tight pants, but for the squealing vocals. What a world emo has created but for the intake of more bands such as Matchbook romance?
If you can barely see out of one eye because of your really gay hair, have pants that make you look like you have a vagina, and makeup for no god damn reason except to conform to the next big scene...chances are youre something close to this band.
by Bob April 19, 2005
Someone who trys to be like someone else.
by Bob August 24, 2003
The garbage dump where all the anoying crack pots come from. The state is shaped like the crap i just made.
Man: (talking to another man) Polution is the the solution.
Another Man: (thinking) he must be from jersy.
by bob December 29, 2004

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