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1151 definitions by bob

A cool band with some hard stuff to play (Makes no Difference)
I just downloaded Sum41 songs on KaZaA... Stick that up your ass RIAA
by bob August 15, 2003
Another way of saying n00b.
N00d: D0N'T 5CR3W W1TH M4 0R 1'll 1337 H4X04 J00
Guy: STFU you n00d before i bitch slap you
by bob July 30, 2003
Some faggoty thing that preps do 2 be "cool"
some guys say,"pop ur collar and make the ladies hollar"
and i say,
"FUCK THAT SHIT!!!" to make my point clear, popping ur collar is the gayest thing anyone has ever done.
i mean, i saw this dude at wegman's the other day; he had his hair spiked up throughout his entire head, and his collar popped. ther's nothing wrong w/ spinking ur hair like that, but add it to a popped collar and look like fucking SATAN. ya, that's right, this dude looked like the devil.
no more popping ur collar, k?
P.S.im an atheist
6 year old boy: look mommy, its the devil!
Mom: no, honey, thats just a dude who popped his collar

dont' be a prep and dont pop the collar
by bob June 16, 2006
Another crappy band loved hysterically, not only for their feminine makeup and tight pants, but for the squealing vocals. What a world emo has created but for the intake of more bands such as Matchbook romance?
If you can barely see out of one eye because of your really gay hair, have pants that make you look like you have a vagina, and makeup for no god damn reason except to conform to the next big scene...chances are youre something close to this band.
by Bob April 19, 2005
A tip drill is a girl with a huge nice booty and an ugly face
Look at that girls face shes soo ugly!! But look at her ass, shes a tipdrill!
by bob March 08, 2005
Cockney rhyming slang for fag
That man is a paper bag!
by bob October 17, 2004
gay kid named tyler
hehehe, tyler is a foolk
by bob January 30, 2004