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1151 definitions by bob

it comes from the origin of the word poo. Many people don tknow this but the word poo comes from Salpoo. In the 8th Century those who smelt particularily bad became known as Sal mans. Thsi developed into the firstname Salman.
it can also be used as an insult.
Sal smells.
or simply SAL! which means the same as you are one big smelly poo..
by Bob November 12, 2004
1-0 to the oxford boys, 1-0 to the oxford boys, 1-0 to the oxford boys.
jefferson louis
by bob October 24, 2003
when you take a shit in a girl's pussy and eat her out
"Awww man, I got flacked last night!"
by Bob January 12, 2005
A sexy sexy bitch who posts on Flamevault!
Prettyboy is one sexy bitch
by Bob May 04, 2003
1.someone being excessivley bitchy and being stupid 24/7
2. a nickname for andrew wells, when he exibits the above criteria
damn andrew, you are being a real jungle bunny today!
by Bob April 16, 2005
A word invented by Conan O' Brien. It can be a compliment or an insult, depending on the way it is said. Generally good. See conezone Whenever used about Conan, it is ALWAYS good.
Man, Conan O' Brien is SO Rolodex!
Damnit, you're SO rolodex..
Ew... That guy is so rolodex..
by Bob November 03, 2004
To spew hairy chunks on the floor
I blew chunks
by Bob August 19, 2003