106 definitions by blake

A Penis that leans at all times even when erect
Joey Floyd
by Blake December 16, 2003
To be like or as Claypac.
Real ballers drive Golf's with 1.8T swaps...nah mean?
by Blake March 02, 2004
A fart that sounds like you blew bubbles in your Hardees malt.
That wasn't just a fart, THAT was a gurgle, you better check your pants/
by Blake November 11, 2002
Ancient device used to connect over phone lines.
yo man i just got a v.90 modem!! i'm 31337.
by blake September 18, 2003
Anal sex.
Man, last night my I taught my girl how to shout at the devil!
by blake March 16, 2004
An Asshat that normally trolls forums looking for posts to correct becuase they have nothing worthwild to add to the thread..
That asshat mike is a grammer nazi and is a freeking troll.
by Blake May 06, 2005

2.the most offensive insult you can think of

you still owe me ten dollars from the time we went to the skatepark, cheeb!

you stupid cheeb

hey cheeb
by blake March 17, 2005

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