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106 definitions by blake

A worthless, marijuana addicted degenerate, loser punk. Sole reason for living is to get high.
Man, that kid Blake is such a stonehead. All he does is sit around and smoke weed.
by Blake August 13, 2004
The Michelin Man without the steroids.
Homestar runner is kinda kooky
by Blake October 29, 2004
The act of sticking ones fingers up your own or anothers asshole and pulling out a piece of shit.
Damn you fuckhead! I'm gonna flubber you hardcore style ass shit!
by Blake March 19, 2005
a homosexual male who derives special satisfaction from masturbating others
Dude!! Why is Ira grabbing for my nuts!?
Cuz the monkey whore is a mitten queen, that's why, I think he has SPS too.
by Blake November 12, 2002
to intentionally pressure someone to do something that the person would not otherwise do
I didn't turn in any of my assignments, but I was able to mind fuck the teacher into giving me an A.
by Blake November 12, 2002
Marijuana that has a strong smell
"I can smell that boofus from here. Golly gee, I'm sure it'll fuck us up good."
by Blake February 17, 2004
A Penis that leans at all times even when erect
Joey Floyd
by Blake December 16, 2003