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106 definitions by blake

another word for damn Sarah and I made it a word after she had a mispelling and decided it was the right word so now it has to be used
damna you all its my word!
by Blake July 26, 2004
a tyndale school bus that mindas catch home e.g. Chloe Teague
chloe caught the minda bus home with her family, ie: siter and brother.
by blake July 04, 2004
To move at a quick pace; to speed or quicken pace.
I gotta feed home to eat the hot suppah!
by Blake March 25, 2004
Slang term for homosexual.
That dude, well, between you and I, I think he's smokin' in the boy's room.
by blake March 16, 2004
what alex does
"ohmygod gilmore girls was on last night and blah blah blah lorelai blah blah blah luke blah blah blah love..." etc.
by blake May 04, 2004
american anime
E.G simpsons, Family guy, South Park, FUturama
by blake April 28, 2004
A vagina that is so loose that the labia slap together when the owner of the vagina walks.
"I can hear that flim flam coming a mile away" or "That female has a sloppy flim flam"
by Blake February 17, 2004