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A degenerate is a person who has declined, as in morals or character, from a type or standard considered normal.
a degenerate is usually a person who is frowned upon by society for being an individual. Like me. Is it so wrong to be different?
by cldrules December 25, 2008
a sub-human smackoff that either loses, breaks, destroys, or completely ruins everything they come in contact with.
That degenerate forgot to stir the sauce and ruined everything.
by Marc Micheline March 01, 2005
To fall from grace, to degrade, to become corrupt, to lose good or admirable qualities.

Describing someone or something who has lost their good qualities and has become undesirable or even abnormal.
The mad cow disease caused many unfortunate cows to degenerate, forcing many to avoid eating beef.

Your boyfriend ran off with another woman and took your best jewelry?! Why, that degenerate-!
by Lorelili August 14, 2011
Degenerate, degenerated, degenerating.
To lose quality, gradual breakdown, outlive one's usefulness.
eg.1 crag got sacked as his work ethics went downhill over the last 3 months, what a degenerate.
eg.2 crag's sexlife degenerated after mongdog tore his groin up.
by decepti - kun October 05, 2005
A muthafucking dumbass. A disgrace to mankind. You might as well see dumbass for this.
Some guy: Hey fool, "What's up"? Did you see the stupid ass last night?

JC: Who? Bush? That degenerate was bitching about absolutly nothing. Who the fuck voted for him?
by Jonathan Cervantes November 14, 2005
a person beyond the pale of respectability. a person devoid of any desirable qualities.
AKA as a low life, beg bug, dirt bag, worm
A degenerate, does not have the words please and thank you in their vocabulary.
A degenerate gets out of a warm bed DOESN'T even take a shower (for days at a time)
and takes a bus (in 10 degree weather) during a Blizzard to go bet on horses with money
that was suppose to be for their kids school books.
by thederby February 16, 2014
lacking moral fiber. Flaunting deranged qualities.
That guy likes to have sex with other guys? What a degenerate.
by yourmom923549 April 10, 2013
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