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A mix between a stoner and a pothead. A stonehead is a rare breed that is resulted from being a stoner with many pothead friends. A stonehead is usually aware of the name of what they smoke but not of what it is.
Julie can be such a stonehead sometimes. She's so unware of how good her stash is.
by divinedecadency June 20, 2007
a major stoner. a person who smokes a lot of weed
Dude did you see that stone head back their blazin up.
by stone head October 12, 2009
An idiot who lays around and bitches all day about things, while getting high, and does nothing themselves. Also, someone who is worthless and has no -real- friends, and is a bum who lives with their parents.
Whoa... Blake is such a worthless stonehead, it's sickening.
by Meggen August 15, 2004
A worthless, marijuana addicted degenerate, loser punk. Sole reason for living is to get high.
Man, that kid Blake is such a stonehead. All he does is sit around and smoke weed.
by Blake August 13, 2004
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