165 definitions by blah

An antonym of the Di$ney of today.
Disney is NOT supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
by Blah August 08, 2003
A very horrible person
Grant, is also bakabakashii
by blah March 12, 2003
To phone someone
Rizzle my phizzle my nizzle
by blah August 25, 2003
What Ann Coulter wears (thank god).
Ann Coulter is one ugly beyatch!
by blah August 26, 2003
a small throwing weapon
blah blah blah
by blah December 09, 2003
shes a preppy little biotch
hey, do u know deeanna destedafuck?
yea i do she sucks ass
by blah March 22, 2005
a drug usually slipped in drinks at parties, called the "date-rape drug" because it makes u all fucked up so the dude that slipped it in can rape u n shit
"I slipped a roofie in that bitch's drink and fucked her all night long"
by blah October 27, 2004

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