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Mediocre, ultra-overused, ultra-pop-culture, ultra-gaaaay music.
Phil Collins
by blah August 26, 2003
The mindstate of being in a stupor mode. Or in simplier form, a mindstate of slowness where the brain literally slows down for x amount of time. This mind state is extremely dangerous and people suffering from this kind of syndrome....well it's too late for them now.
When you "IM" a person, and said person doesn't reply or respond to you it means he/she has the James Syndrome. If that's the case you should inform them and tell them to seek professinal help.
by blah May 17, 2004
the blahness is blahish
by blah October 10, 2003
An activity that keeps score and you can go professional at.
I play a sport for my occupation.
by Blah June 17, 2006
a gay panda that likes to fuck a gay bear
yo see george a neef is a gay panda that likes to fuck gay bears not a faggot that likes to lick armpits that is fucken stupid and gay
by blah December 04, 2004
A boy who is slightly less than an Ameer
A Jordanian Boy that goes to ACA
by blah January 29, 2004
ahahahahahaha, dumbass Plinkton Cyclopes! mind redefining your definition? lose close games? sosa a problem? where are the orioles now, you say? oh my! and where are those beloved cubs of yours? lololol thats right, they aint even gonna get a chance to choke, and still have to pay off his salary! haha the cubs are his bitches!
"Congrats O's fans, he's your problem. Have fun watching the number 2 all-time strikeout leader and keep wondering why you lose close games due to his lack of anything other than a longball. At least you can DH him though.
Sammy Sosa is a crybaby pussy, I'm glad he's gone. Now the Cubs can rebuild and not choke in the stretch."
Source: Plinkton Cyclopes
by blah May 01, 2005

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