165 definitions by blah

Synonym for cool, prominent only in America.
Yeehaw, those bombs cause purdy explosions!
by Blah August 09, 2003
A person who has junk.
That person is a kink.
by blah March 12, 2003
the koolest guy on eartth and ownz everyone on ize irc :) especially snuffkin.
omg i wish i was a defect!!!
by blah February 04, 2005
doctor dre is not a real doctor
He IS a good producer, i must admit, even thou im more of a rocker..
but.. but.. WHY EMINEM?? WHY?? *shakes head in disgust*
by blah March 15, 2005
A male horse used for breeding.
Person1: Man, you're a stud!
Person2: Look it up at Urban Dictionary then talk to me later!
by blah June 17, 2004
a crack pot kid that thinks he's a wizard
he's a harry potter
by Blah September 17, 2003
getten hyped up or getten excited over somthin
matt got jew'd up after the fight.
by blah March 21, 2005

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