165 definitions by blah

1.)an otherwise uninhabital state if it weren't for the invention of the air conditioner

2.)We're california's unwillingly go to die

3.)sand trap where immigrants and people in general get lost in search of california
1.)my AC broke ahhh! *Catches on fire*

2.)what! this isn't the way to vegas *catches on fire*

2.)this isn't california *catches on fire*
by blah November 14, 2004
A word to describe a woman.
M'lady, your pregnant.
by blah November 20, 2003
a XIAOmobile that many wannabe-rally people want. Usually blue in color and has a big fart can.
"My Wrx can mow faces in the rally curcuit! Watch out SKYLINE ill pwn you on dirt!"
by blah January 01, 2005
DDF or "Ding Dong Fever": A condition in which one has an addiction to the ding dong.
by blah April 14, 2003
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