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What anti-gay Hollywood politician Ahhnuld did with fellow bodybuilders during his youth.
Hey, Lou, "I'll be bacch" up your ass after I'm finished with Carl!
by blah September 06, 2003
See neocon oops, I mean "conservative."
Ignorant people think Rush is omniscient.
by blah August 30, 2003
Society and the government are BOTH homosexual and Satanic!

You people make me sick the way you aid the government in destroying yourselves by accepting their pc jargon and bullshit idealism.

YOU all went to COLLEGE,didn't you?
by blah March 14, 2005
"meowm sux a lot" is a lyin bitch! i'm hailing from the sussex and i can tell you that the duponts dont own SHIT! they don't even own their own company anymore! all they got is a highway named after them. that aside, delaware is a relatively sound place to live, but something gotta be in the water what with the high cancer rate. beaches, tax free spree, and thats about it, but it aint half as boring as he tryin to make it out to be.
The University of Delaware is considered one of the U.S.s most competitive colleges. But you won't see me there.
by blah May 25, 2004
new canaan owns darien in sports... nc dominates soccer, hockey, lax, football every year consistently, what is wrong with you
Um, new canaan owns d-bagers
by blah April 04, 2005
a person/group of people who befriend people only to later realise they are fakers/posers/wannabes and then go about the process of ditching them. This is a name given to a group that does this often.
"See them over there, theyre ditchers"
by blah July 03, 2003
im da best lova 'round
"my love is like whoa"...der
by blah October 29, 2003

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