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Wine that will fuck you up horribly. It is a drink like none other. Cherished among students in Miami, FL, and will give you a hangover worse than life itself. Even bums wont drink it. Commonly referred to as liquid crack.
"yo nigga, lets go get some cisco",
"nah dawg, il settle for the 211."
by smoff September 22, 2004
The greatest guy ever, everyone wants to be like him, and all the girls wantt o be with him. He is in essence god.
Oh my god its Cisco, lets all bow.
by god February 01, 2005
A computer systems company. They allow weak minded CompSci majors to blow them for inflated salaries.
Wow, I guess all that blowing Paul did finally paid off...Cisco is going to pay him 80k a year and now he only has to bend over twice a week.
by Ryan_CHME November 18, 2006
One of the most amazing networking companies ever. Get a CISCO certification and you will be givin GOD like powers.
Justin yells out "Freaking Yeah! I got my CCNA!" Meanwhile a man that needs a network setup calls Justin's house and give all his worldly possesions to him because he is god.
by Windexter April 14, 2003
The hand 4-9 offsuit in Poker. Derived from the San Francisco 49ers.
I'll never win this pot with Cisco.
by Funkee November 12, 2004
A class of poitless origin that supposedly teaches networking... Actually you could probably teach yourself to network better with sticks and raw sewage. Tests consist of radom untaught material. WARNING: Will drasticly decrease GPA!!!

(also see:CISCOwned)
I took a CISCO class, four kids dropped out, the teacher jacked the notes off some Canadian website, and we all got CISCOwned in the grades department.
by Lennyist Leader April 19, 2004
When there is sexual interaction between two people, and the partner (man/woman) turns around and says you can poke me with your pork saw three times only.
I am so horny and this feels great but all I want you to do is Cisco me. I can finish myself off later.
by Raider88 BANG! January 21, 2009
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