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Jakers is used in Ireland as a euphemism for Jesus, to avoid taking his name in vain. See also: Janey Mac and James's Street (both euphemisms for Jesus Christ).
Jakers, did she really!?
by Matt Madra April 26, 2008
douche bag or a person that enjoys sexual attention from other men
That guy received a sac tap and liked it, what a jakers.

Some guy was a total jakers and cut me off today!!
by im@kewords March 01, 2011
means "just kidding". originates from the acronym "jk" (jaykay).
"yo mommas so fat she needs her own zip code. jakers!"
by likeomgnowayyy December 21, 2007
An alias for a kid named Jake in Cisco....He is called this name everytime he walks into the class. It is said in an annoying infantile manner.
Heyyyy ! Jakers is here (in an annoying voice) - Steve
by Blah April 05, 2005
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