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A predatory paedophile who lunches on children
Steve is a nonceferatu
by bigwizz February 04, 2005
A post-op substitute testicle
Look at my fine new pair of manticles
by bigwizz February 04, 2005
When you throw a punch at someone and you just catch the end of their nose; the waggling action of an almost-punched nose tip.
The punch caused nothing more than a slight padenda.
by bigwizz February 04, 2005
The sweet and sour smelling putty you find between your toes after wearing your socks for 4 days
eurgh! Smell this yikitarnis its rank.
by bigwizz February 04, 2005
A short plump woman, generally with a piggy nose and blonde hair. An acquired taste.
The "merry-willson" (named after it's discoverers, Dr. Merry and Professor Willson), can often be found troughing around the suburbs of north-west London. Caution is advised when approaching one in the wild.
by bigwizz February 05, 2005
The art of jiggery-pokery and all things flighty. The ethereal art of the hypno-fiddler.
Look at Matt; he is the high priest of gorey-bunkum
by bigwizz February 04, 2005
Depressingly fat Star Trek fan
Gregory found truckle sized Klingon outfits were always evasive.
by bigwizz February 04, 2005

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