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To put a piece of dry ice into alcohol and inhale the vapors.. hence, the combination of drunk and smoke. As long as one does not inhale deeply and gets enough oxygen in between (hotboxing is a definite no-go) it's reasonably safe.
Mayng, I got so smunk last night I didn't even remember doing it the next day!
by a-chaps September 29, 2007
A mixture of smoking and drinking.
After 5 Coronas and 2 ciggs, she felt so smunk.
by S.E.N. March 05, 2006
i was so bent off that last splif it was like a cross between smack and skunk (smunk)
by rockitman-007 August 14, 2009
A smunk is a person that lives on his friends by "smunking" cigaretts and food from them. A smunk never buys anything to anyone, NOT EVEN HIMSELF! With another word, cheap!
Smunk says: Wazzup guys, can anyone hook me a cigarette and a rizla?

Friends says: "stop being sucha smunk!" or "hide everything, the smunk is here"
by Alanovic May 24, 2009 of the line pure scumbagged bitch,sluuty as can be and dirty as possible. not another teen movie she wants him to shit on her chest,the smunk bitch wants you to drop a big ungodly like dump on her pussy.
3.basically your most known class whore.
this girl taylor from south jerseys pussy is pure smunked,due to taking it from burnt hot dogs
by big johnny t June 26, 2007
Smunk is a synonym for vagina
my smunk needs to get waxed
by youdontneedtoknowmyname May 26, 2007
Another word for sperm
Dude you have smunk on your blanket
by The Phantom Snapper January 14, 2007

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