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42 definitions by bert

blow job done very well, way beyond the normal blow job, sometimes done by professionals
Man that stripper at the club gave me some killer head
by bert February 16, 2004
a guy who is black and his name is adam if you cant diss you cant get nanum
bladam loves the cock
by bert February 23, 2003
what you call a white girl after she has had sex with a black man
hillary has been blacken, leroy fcuk her the other night
by bert January 05, 2005
A short fat woman with a bowl cut. Usually lives in a cave and feeds off young schoolchildren
School kid 1: Belmets hungry

School kid 2: better stay away from the cave
by BErt July 03, 2012
One who tries too hard; thinks he is funnier than he really is.
Boy what a Capey.
by Bert August 23, 2003
Sla is anything you want it to be. It can be anything from insults to compliments to things to places to people. Especially people.
Do you want to sla?
Let's sla!
Where's sla?
by Bert January 14, 2005