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A frilly usually has stupid hair.
The god all of emo.
Frilly get your fucking hair cut!
by bert March 29, 2004
Like to

A sexy coffin dodger.
Anyone who drives a volvo cabriolet.
by Bert November 10, 2004
to rock a car in a motion to force the car sideways. most people know it as DORI
I was going to a turn a turn agaisnt it, broke, and down shifted, and controlled gas through the turn.
by bert August 11, 2003
taking out tobacco from a black and mild cigar to make it lose so it will smoke smoother,
Yo man why didn't you freak the black, its hard to pull on.
by bert February 16, 2004
a shortened version of the phrase 'That's the pot calling the kettle black', originating in bristol mid 2004.
Used when someone is being hypocritical.
'That's the pottle.'
by Bert February 14, 2005
Roomie to the hottest person IN THE WORLD!
One who keeps room constantly messy AKA. Pigsty except when brownies are in the picture
Also known as Fatass
Plays lax agianst the wall 24/7
Constantly pops knuckles
Likes to rock out to Stacy's Mom with the Best roomie ever!
Is being stalked by a certain TP boy
Good times with Daigle in the bushes
A:Brownies? Donuts? Stacy's Mom? DUSTIN, Daigle?! IN THE BUSHES!?
by Bert April 11, 2005
the same thing as sure just sounds better
wanna go get some chicken? shire dude
by bert October 30, 2003
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