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42 definitions by bert

Very good rock band. Lead singer/ lead guitarist- rivers cuomo, guitarist- brian bell, bassist (current)-scott shriner, and drummer- pat wilson
Recomended songs:

tired of sex
only in dreams
pink triangle
falling for u
across the see
say it aint so
el scorcho
by Bert November 04, 2003
448 113
The showing off of ones biceps
Billy: Have you got your tickets yet?
Sarah: To What?
Billy: To the Gun Show!!! ***while pulling back his right sleeve, flexing his muscles , and pointing with his left hand
by bErt September 23, 2004
264 60
A country "liberated" by the USA under the leadership of George W. Bush
Iraq was bushed.
by Bert April 26, 2003
234 99
ultra fast sportbike

gixxer killer
dude my r1 smoked that dumb ass gixxer
by Bert September 20, 2003
150 69
The fear of gaining weight.
Having pocrescophobia increases your urge to do excersize.
by Bert July 25, 2005
61 16
taking things to the next level. not resting on your own laurels. taking that extra step
man bert is doing it big in that heavy cheavy he not only has the 26 inch spinners he has 15 tv screens in it too.
by bert June 04, 2004
54 11
man-boobies, usually caused by eating too much junk food and not exercising
He should lay off those Doritoes, he's starting to get junk food titties!"
by bert December 13, 2004
70 35