42 definitions by bert

something a pimp would do
Man that pink suit is pimpish
by bert February 16, 2004
this term has been brought to my attention
as meaning a hot girls ass. Example: check out the fart locker on that bitch!
by bert April 10, 2005
essex is da tits ov england
essex rules
i no its totally tits!!
by bert September 24, 2003
ance on the ass; butt pimples
He's got a nasty case of assne
by bert December 13, 2004
when a child feels mistreated or neglected because it seems like his/her parents apply favoritism to the younger and older siblings
Leave her alone, she's got the jan bradies today. Her parents bought her brother a new car.
by bert December 13, 2004
One who has long hair and likes to party a lot.
Known to chase girls.
Wearer of Hawaiian shirts and shorts.
Besides being a pronoun, it can be used as an adverb or adjective.

i.e. "I got so shump-ed up last night, you should have seen me."
<sing> "Shump around, Shump around, get up get down, Shump around."
by Bert February 19, 2004
Small opening at end of ones hoo hoo!
by bert May 15, 2003

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