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when a roll up,fag or spliff only burns on one side.
oh shit, i've got a side burn on my joint
by barry July 22, 2003
Ebonic for ask
He axt me a question
by barry April 22, 2003
dozens and dozens of stickers (AEM, STREETGLOW, NOS) in weird ass places (gas tank, wing, license plate, middle of windshield)+a wing big enough to give you an enormous amount of downforce to practically lift ur front tires+green rims+9999k hids+white emblems(glow in the dark)+exhaust sticking out so far its bigger than a black mans dick+copy of fast and the furious part 1 and 2 in ur car=what is that red button on ur steering wheel...OMFG...HELL NO...IS THAT....NOSSSSS
the kid next door, that thinks NOS is the best thing in the world
by Barry March 01, 2005
the giving of love by a man to nother individual in the bottom.

also, the giving of love from one person to an actual piece of poo. however, this is less common.
gay men have poo love
by Barry January 22, 2005
When your PC crashes, and you don't know why.
Dave: Why the hell won't my PC load up?
Phil: There's a German in your computer, mate.
by Barry June 04, 2004
a happy go lucky scamp usually found in sheffield
who is this kid who keeps goin around in his happy go lucky way ahhh its bainsey
by barry August 27, 2003
the week when your girlfriend/wife is menstruating.

see also on the blob, having the painters in
dude #1 - ah man, no sex this week

dude #2 - how comes?

dude #1 - playstation week

dude #2 - ah (said in a knowing and sympathetic tone of voice)
by Barry January 22, 2005

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