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An occurance in which an amazing idea is thought up by two or more individuals at the same time. Such an event is usually accompanied by the exclamation of, "Geniosity!"
Jimmy was thinking about how he hadn't eaten all day and was considering getting some bean burritos when Brandon asked if he wanted to go get some Taco Bell, to which Jimmy replied, "Geniosity! I was just thinking of Taco Bell!"
by Joaquin rocks March 20, 2007
- when doing things out of stupidity and no where near having a genius mind.
Tati: Hey! What the heck are you doing?

Ricardo: Burning my finger with the flame...

Tati: You and your acts of geniosity!
by Tottie23 January 18, 2011
An asinine idea that is perceived as brilliant.
Plugging the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill with America's republican tea party members is pure geniosity.
by ravendiscord May 13, 2010
Generous amounts of genius ideas provided to a peer.
Your welcome for that geniosity.

Thanks for the geniosity.
by Ellie ann September 29, 2013
when you do something of genius proportions and barry and emmet simultaniasly came up with the word
thats geniosity
by barry June 19, 2003
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