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Gummi, adj.: when a person is hot, sexy, happy, satisfied, or looked upon favorably by others ; also, see Gummination

Gummi, noun: head, any type of sexual activity, good

Gumminate, verb: to give head, to engage in any type of sexual activity
Adj: Bro, that girl thinks you are gummi!

Noun : I am feeling really gummi since I ate that burrito

Noun: I think i'm going to get gummi tonight...

Verb: I would really like to gumminate that girl
by Master Of Gummi July 06, 2004
The phenomenon of having a half erection. An erection that's just a little guy, a halfer.
Oh shit, you see that map, I be havin a gummi now.

That pizza be tastin real good, I have a gummi.

wech 3ndk gumi?
iiiiyeh, 3ndi gumi kbir.
by halfinthetaf December 25, 2012
an expression of awe or excitement
awesome, exciting, cool, nasty
"Hey Mom, can I go to the amusement park?"
"Yes, my son."
"That video game is gummi. It is so much fun!"
by SpeedSkater114 September 18, 2008
Usually used in the plural (gummis), a gummi is a small edible bribe that a teacher offers a pupil to work. Gummis are usually sweets.
Bob: Miss, I can't be bothered to work!
Miss: Oh Bob... I have gummis!
Bob: OK!
(Bob then works like mad)
by Barry June 04, 2004
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