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The curious phenomenon that occurs when a stranger spots you at the gym in which you are able to lift heavier than usual.
This can occur due to a number of factors -

1. You do not want to be embarrassed by not being able to hit the weight you loaded up on the bar in front of a stranger.
2. You do not trust that you will get a safe spot from this stranger so as part of self-preservation the adrenaline kicks in.
3. You fear that the stranger will assist when you don't need it, so you enable beast mode.
(A combination of several of these scenarios are common occurrences)
"Dude, I hit 190 for 5 reps on incline today like it was nothing." said Jimmy

"Whoa, you didn't come close to that last week...what gives?" queries Jefferson.

"Must have been the random spot adrenaline kicking in" replied Jimmy
by archyis July 02, 2009
United States current form of government that convinces people that they have a choice over their government when in actuality any politician who reaches high enough status to run for president (or any other high level office) has sold their soul ten times over to get there.
"I can't believe Obama is turning out to be the same as other politicians" said Fred, "he isn't following through on some of the promises he made".

"Dude, it doesn't matter who you elect man or what party...they are all sleaze bags in this tricktatorship. Just remember this the next time there is an election and some other guy is touted as a savior" replied Ralph.
by archyis June 24, 2009
The hybrid beast that is created by cross breeding a chimp with an elephant.
Newscaster - "Now here we see the New Zealand native Chelephant which is a sad animal...for it has the ability to climb trees but tragically no tree can support it's weight"
by archyis January 14, 2010
(Verb) Indicating a plan to engage in an online chat at a later time.
(During an online chat)

Bob - See ya later man

Dick - Aiight man, Chatatcha later!
by archyis November 12, 2009
A forecast of bad decisions revolving around cloud technologies by naïve Information Technology Management.

You will often hear these “Cloud Geeks” spouting off about all of the latest cloud information from the latest CIO Magazine, which usually includes buzz words like Cloudtopia and Cloudmosphere.
Engineer 1 - Did you hear that the CIO wants to put everything in the cloud?

Engineer 2 - Yaw, he has been saying that for the last year....what a cloud geek!

Engineer 1 - If he gets his way, this could be disasterous. Do you think he is really going to go through with it?

Engineer 2 - I predict that it is going to be Cloudy with a slight chance of Stupid!
by archyis September 24, 2009
A humorous phrase used to denote the wretched stench of a person’s unwashed posterior.
Guy 1 - Bejeezus, the locker room in this gym smells like dead rats and broken dreams! I mean, it smells so bad in here that I do believe I am losing childhood memories somehow.

Guy 2 - No kidding, someone has really got a skunk in the trunk yo!
by archyis January 05, 2010
1. When everything seems to be going wrong while listening to punk rock music.

2. When everything that can go wrong does while attneding a punk rock concert.
1. "How come everything going wrong right now" askes Clive. "You are listening to Pennywise right now so you are being affected by Dropkick Murphys Law" responds Mick.
by archyis March 17, 2009

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