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Used to refer to the smell of marijuana.
Dang, Jim that smells dank - you got a skunk in the trunk?
by Stinky Tuna November 08, 2006
A term to refer to a corpse hidden in the back, or trunk, of a car.
"What's in there? A dead skunk in the trunk?"
by Dave January 30, 2004
A humorous phrase used to denote the wretched stench of a person’s unwashed posterior.
Guy 1 - Bejeezus, the locker room in this gym smells like dead rats and broken dreams! I mean, it smells so bad in here that I do believe I am losing childhood memories somehow.

Guy 2 - No kidding, someone has really got a skunk in the trunk yo!
by archyis January 05, 2010
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