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A deeply disturbed bear living either at the South or North Pole. These moody creatures can be upbeat at times when they can be witnessed happily catching fish or conversely they can be sullen and withdrawn burying their head in the snow. This serious condition can be treated by various medication such as Bear-zac or Bear-nax with promising results.
Penguin 1 - Yo Fred, what is up with the bear? He looks like he is contemplating jumping off of that towering glacier. Surely he would not survive the fall.

Pengui 2 - That is Billy, the Bipolar Bear. He is up there every other day. He must not have taked his Bear-zac today.
by archyis November 12, 2009
A generic and naive response to a technology problem which effectively takes the problem out of the realm of an organization's responsibility. This basically equates to outsourcing technology solutions which end up being inferior service for twice the cost.
Engineer - "We need $10,000 and another full time employee to re-engineer and manage this technology"
CIO - "We should just put it in the cloud"
Engineer - "What cloud?"
CIO - Looks around nervously..."The one there..." as he points to a picture of a cloud on the cover of his new CIO magazine.
Engineer - Returns to his cube where he promptly hangs himself with an ethernet cable.
by archyis August 28, 2009
This is a biohazard like state which exists on your hands from going to the gym and handling various equipment with your hands.

This condition derives from hundreds of men using the gym equipment who hardly wipe their own asses let alone wash their hands.

The only way to rectify this potentially dangerous condition is to thoroughly wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap directly after your workout.
1. "Whew that was some workout, let's get outta here" says Jeff. "Wait a minute, I got gym hands...let me go wash them real quick" wisely responds James.

2. "Poor Jesse...what caused him to go into a coma" asks Jeff. "He forgot to wash his "gym hands" after working out and then he ate a sandwich. The poor fellow caught SARS, Shingles, Gout and the Black Plague...honestly it was too much for the human body so it shut down" replied James.
by archyis March 10, 2009
A person works in the engineering field who discusses and debates the best way method to perform a given task, but then consciously avoids doing the actual work themselves.
"It is quite amusing how Mark got so heated in the arguement about how to architect that widget but then the next day he avoids actually performing the very tasks that he was describing" said Frank.

Max replies, "That is because he is a Chickenhawk Engineer. He will always get in arguements about how to solve a problem, but never gets involved in the actual work of implementing the solution."
by archyis February 17, 2009
1. A person that is so bad at using a computer that they actually appear to be severely spastic or mentally retarded.

2. A computer technician that is really horrible at his or her job.
I can't believe Edgar couldn't fix that printer problem for that customer, sometimes I think he has the worst case of computer-palsy.
by Archyis April 11, 2007
(noun) I mildly humorous term for referring to someones teeth.

"Dear god, that guy just got kicked in the piano keys"!
by Archyis August 29, 2007
The synergistic "Super-bug" that is spawned when an individual becomes infected with the influenza and pnemonia at the same time. This is more sinister than the dreaded bird and/or swine flu...and is more on-par with the fabled SuperFlu from the movie "The Stand".
Patient - Yo, I don't feel so good doc.
Doctor - Well I declare...you must have a case of the flu.

Patient - Yo, I feel worse now doc.
Doctor - For Pete's sake, it appears you now have pnemonia.
Patient - Does that mean I have Flumonia?
by archyis October 08, 2009

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