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a low down and common male, cheap and lustful. orren karp ( sorry pal mel told me to)
" oh dude what a sleaze"
by jo March 31, 2004
(verb) to make out or have sexual contact, usually with a stranger or as a one-night stand.
"Man, what happened to you last night?"

"Dude, I sleazed a high school chick."
by Kieffer November 07, 2005
Mariah Lynn Howard.
Carina; "Hey Sleaze, your face is ugly."
by soccergurl12830 October 14, 2011
Someone who takes advantage of the situation.
The girl appeared to be drunk, so the guy moved in and beat dos. He is a sleaze.

That ugly fat girl got some dick because she hollered at the most broke nigga at the party.
by Thizz leader May 12, 2007
the definition of the women in the sneaker pimps song lyrics; post-modern sleaze
She takes everything they take,
She must be a thelma or louise,
She must be a post-modern sleaze
by modellingsucks July 18, 2006
Nick. He is the hottest sleazebag ever. Proffesional sleaze and sleaze bag.
A male (Nick) who makes dirty jokes regularly and "preys" on women. This person might have a particular voice in saying these remarks.
"Hey Nick, your the best sleaze ever!"
by Violet Gina (Vi for short) September 02, 2008
A liar deserter who can be elected President.

George Bush.
That sleaze deuschebag actually got elected President.
by SoberVoter December 03, 2004