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A Charles Bronson like office vigilante that seeks to get even with a colleague in the office for slighting them.
Worker 1 - I can't believe he knocked stuff over at my cube, then got pissed about it and slammed stuff down. And then he just walks off without putting the stuff back.

Worker 2 - Dude, that is a jackass move. What are you going to do?

Worker 1 - Well, there will be a fair amount of cubicle justice, I can tell you that. I may take all of the screws out of his chair, tape raw fish up under his desk or perhaps stink palm his mouse.

Worker 2 - Hells Yaw, that would be hilarious yo!
#office #vigilante #cubicle #justice #charles bronson
by archyis November 05, 2009
Cubicle dweller or office employee who seeks justice and revenge against the evil forces residing within the work environment.
Inspired by watching Charles Bronson in DeathWish, I intend to be an Office Vigilante so I can right all of the wrongs that occur within our office. I got my sock full of quarters and am ready to unleash on some fools!
#cubicle justice #vigilante #office #cubicle #deathwish
by archyis November 08, 2009
The horrible brown colored mucus that is discharged from an individual when they are ill or getting over an illness.
Friend 1 - How you feeling today buddy?

Friend 2 - Getting a little better...my body is cooking up some phlegm brulee right now so I am getting that shizz out of my system.
#sick #phlegm #flu #cold #mucus
by archyis October 09, 2009
A person with excess body hair wearing only underwear usually resembling Michael J Fox from Teen Wolf. It is assumed that the Under-werewolf possesses special powers so they are generally feared.
"Dude, did you see the Under-werewolf in the locker room at the gym?" asked Bob.

"Yeah, I was scared for my life...I got out of there quick because I didn't feel like getting my face ripped off today." replied a trembling Steve.
#body hair #underwear #werewolf #underwearwolf #hairy
by archyis July 31, 2009
The business tactic of stalling and forcing technology engineers to provide redundant documentation and plans in the hopes of dragging the project out so it will not have to be funded despite already being approved.
"Could you please provide a more detailed project plan" asked Freddy

"How much more detailed can it get? Are you are not pulling a technology budget filibuster on me?" responded Richard

"You caught me Ralph...they are trying not to fund this project this year even though it was approved" admitted Freddy.
#budget #filibuster #technology #it #systems engineer #information systems
by archyis July 07, 2009
A satiric description (based off the movie Con Air) of a public transit bus that seems to be composed solely of convicted felons, drunks, druggies and possibly killers.
"Dude, I caught the Con Bus home after the gym the other day. Half the people were drunk and the other half seemed to be going to a methadone clinic and were talking about beating people up." said Jimmy Ray. "I was scared for my life but you can't show weakness on the Con Bus or you could get rolled"
#bus #danger #con air #transit #public transit
by archyis March 20, 2009
Blatently obvious foreshadowing which commonly occurs within poorly written horror movies.
Man - "Hah, they just showed a guy working with a wood chipper. You know some fool is going to end up getting his ass chipped to death. This is classic fiveshadowing."

Woman - "Oh yeah...you know someone is going to get Fargo'd now"
#chipper #foreshadow #foreshadowing #fargo'd #chipped
by archyis January 02, 2010
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