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167 definitions by anthony

One who suffers from "Dinky Wang Syndrom"
Jeremy is suffering from needledick.
by Anthony January 01, 2004
Black Velvet (whiskey)
Man I drank half the fifth of BV and I got fucked up!
by Anthony December 13, 2007
noun. any instance of good-looking women on television, during televised sporting events.
While watching the soccer game, there was tonnes of rabbit muff in the crowd.
by Anthony June 19, 2006
When your face looks like a duck and monkey fucked each other and you were the product.
Man1: Hey look at Jaber, he's laying mack down.

Man2: Holy shit! He's mackin' on a duckmonkey.
by Anthony March 13, 2004
Defacing other people's belongings with inappropriate words and/or pictures (most likely involving genetalia).
Damn! Stu stuerized my yearbook!
by Anthony January 22, 2004
n. 1. a sad, pathetic troll like man who secludes himself inside playing video games and masturbating to swatches.
v. the action of paying for LJ accounts in exchange for nude pictures.
Hey, you're such a Meida!
Guys, last night I pulled a Meida on this mad hot chick.
by Anthony April 25, 2005
To wrinkle up the inside corners of your eyes.
Hey, do the 'oise eughetta'.... hahaha!
by anthony April 04, 2005