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167 definitions by anthony

big tits and ugly face
Damn homie that gurl be busted
by Anthony April 08, 2005
13 13
verb. To worship pink-leather-clad squirrels
Megan chippest every day
by Anthony February 18, 2005
5 5
Generally unwashed, uncouth, pig ignorant, stupid

main source of reference is stig of the dump with a caveman living in a refuse heap for literary sense.
by anthony October 27, 2004
2 2
1.To kill with a shotgun using a buckshot
2.One U.S. Dollar
1.We buckin' em down!
2.Ive got about five hundred bucks.
by Anthony January 13, 2004
7 7
is invisble, says fuck evergreen, fucks all the bitchs, rated 10 out of 10. thinks gay people should die
fuck evergreen im fuckin bitched rated 10 out of 10 and i think fags should die
by Anthony January 08, 2004
2 2
Getting completly 'stoned' or 'high' by smoking or ingesting marijuana.
"Come over tonight, and we'll get totally ripped!"
by Anthony September 21, 2003
4 4
a super hero that fights the evil meatman in the popular SV comic called "The Adventures of TOFUMAN!"...for more info try our website. www.angelfire.com/comics/svproductions
Tofuman, alongside his sidekick, potatoboy, have defeated the evil meatman and his cohort, the evil questionmark.
by anthony July 20, 2003
1 1