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verb. To worship pink-leather-clad squirrels
Megan chippest every day
by Anthony February 18, 2005
Lexy's Own little word, meaning its like YAY when somethings good or like i kicked yo ass
omg, i pwned you! Wootah!!
by Anthony December 21, 2004
Generally unwashed, uncouth, pig ignorant, stupid

main source of reference is stig of the dump with a caveman living in a refuse heap for literary sense.
by anthony October 27, 2004
1.To kill with a shotgun using a buckshot
2.One U.S. Dollar
1.We buckin' em down!
2.Ive got about five hundred bucks.
by Anthony January 13, 2004
is invisble, says fuck evergreen, fucks all the bitchs, rated 10 out of 10. thinks gay people should die
fuck evergreen im fuckin bitched rated 10 out of 10 and i think fags should die
by Anthony January 08, 2004
Getting completly 'stoned' or 'high' by smoking or ingesting marijuana.
"Come over tonight, and we'll get totally ripped!"
by Anthony September 21, 2003
a super hero that fights the evil meatman in the popular SV comic called "The Adventures of TOFUMAN!"...for more info try our website. www.angelfire.com/comics/svproductions
Tofuman, alongside his sidekick, potatoboy, have defeated the evil meatman and his cohort, the evil questionmark.
by anthony July 20, 2003

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