Top Definition
Casa is Spanish for house.
Mi casa es su casa, amigos...
by chendi May 03, 2005
your homebase, your sanctuary
do you want to go home?
by PakMan December 13, 2003
Homeside, home, hood...
CASA!Moi amigo, ete!
by VAKI5 November 15, 2003
Italian definition for house
La mia casa è una villa / My house is a villa
by fio December 19, 2014
to be casa means to be huge, and a bit of a casanova, originating from casadio
some random hero pulls a hottie

" CASA "
by jase April 28, 2004
Central And South America
The Best Board On GameFAQs.
RI in Spanish
by The Eternal Flame December 29, 2003

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