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167 definitions by anthony

Lexy's Own little word, meaning its like YAY when somethings good or like i kicked yo ass
omg, i pwned you! Wootah!!
by Anthony December 21, 2004
Kick ass!
She is chikka!
by Anthony April 07, 2004
a killer band from new milford connecticut. with sexy guys and a chick bass player.
Holy shit! The Anodyne Conflict rocks! i want to have sex with every member of that band!
by Anthony December 10, 2003
See also barbutiful
by Anthony November 07, 2003
a gay man whos ass as been spent.
ronald had surgery to
by anthony August 18, 2003
A revolver.
I just put six shots into one hole at twenty five meters with my round gun.
by Anthony December 10, 2009
Internet slang for "ew bye" usually used after a digusting picture has been posted, or when someone admits to an odd fetish, or describes something about themselves or their body that is disgusting.
Person 1: I love when my boyfriend pinches a piping hot loaf right on my face.

Person 2: EWBAI!!!
by Anthony April 23, 2005