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The spawn of all noobs and fanboys on the IGN message boards, A horrid place that only the bravest of all enter
Killzone board sucks
by Anthony July 10, 2004
To take a shower and get off all the stank and funk. Originated from Anthony.
Yo I'm gonna go defunkify in the shower right quick.
by Anthony May 10, 2004
1.where urine comes out of the PENIS

2.also used as a dirty name
1.i went to the bathroom and my piss hole was burning

2.your a fucken piss hole!
by Anthony February 07, 2005
APCyberax is a Nickname well know on the internet by olsen-twins fans. APCyberax made and runs many olsen twin sites and was also well know in the newsgroups.
I know APCyberax from the newsgroup
by Anthony December 30, 2004
Meaning weak or skinny
Look at his scrawn arms
by Anthony March 08, 2005
An exclaimation of victory or for use when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Can also be used as a greeting or salutation
Brewdeewho you nig what's up?
Brewdeewho i'm fucked up.
Brewdeewho I just won mad loot.
by Anthony February 03, 2005
Fat and hated by his brothers Strong Bad and Strong Mad, this depressing loser doesn't get out much, and when he does, it's to go to Clash of the Titans Conventions.
"I like board games more than most people. And by that I mean that I like board games more than most people do, but by that I also mean that I like board games more than I like most people. Like this one time, I was playing the Game of Life against Hi-Ho Cheerio..."
by Anthony December 08, 2004

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