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37 definitions by allen

jewish term for very little or not worth the effort.
after investing and manipulating markets to get all the sheckles i could, i turned up with bupkis! ba kchleghm!!
by Allen January 27, 2004
A pussy wanker is someone that is a total pussy when it comes to going out with girls, and instead wacks off all day alone.
Dude, John is a pussy wanker.
by Allen March 08, 2004
partner,peer,friend,associate, some one who you call if you need there attention
hey showty is u going to da atrium?
by Allen June 06, 2004
One who masturbates in front of his computer while at a lan party.
Look at that guy, he's lan wanking!
by Allen December 07, 2003
the art of dick-folding
good golly gosh, i sure love penigami
by allen March 05, 2004
1. a person who is a complete and utter asshole
2. a discourteous person
3. to spank your partner with your hand while fucking them
1. Josh thinks he is better than everyone, what a spankfuck.
2. Josh blasts his music early in the morning, what a spankfuck.
3. Bill spankfucked Judy.
by Allen February 09, 2004
a party animal. abeccah usually is unique and may have one kid in her lifetime. Beccahs are into electronics and have groovy freinds.
that beccah really knows hot to party
by allen December 29, 2004