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The actual definition of buck is to prepare yo self to fight or if someone happens to offend you yo get buck
if you buck im finto beat yo pussy ass up right now lil showty.
by Allen June 05, 2004
Dressed, as in, such a fashion to look impressive enough, for someone to compliment someone (usually a Man compliments the lady, on this situation) "if looks could kill, you'd be a weapon of mass destruction"
wow, Celeste, even though this is a semi-formal, you're dressed to kill, babe!
by Allen June 14, 2006
Drinking fountain. Used in mainly in the state of Wisconsin.
I'm going to get a drink at the bubbler.
by Allen April 28, 2004
not nesecarily meaning homosexual, gay can mean stupid or pointless, even meek, lame or timid.
Oh, dude that band who did the remake of that Todo song was so fucking gay
by Allen January 12, 2004
A Toolgasm is a place in a Tool song or album where the listener achieves maximum listening pleasure.
When Maynard screams for 15 seconds in Eulogy i had a Toolgasm. In just about every Tool song I have a Toolgasm.
by Allen November 04, 2003
The act of stealing or taking without consent.
To hijack.
Bob brodied the remote control, Jim yell to him to give it back.
by Allen January 07, 2005
Nonsense - old irish slang
OH you're talking codswollop
by Allen October 15, 2002
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