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the coolest thing possible...best thing ever imaginable!

~"why should i listen to you?"
"because im soohoo and well..yeah..soohoo rocks...duh"
by briana January 04, 2005

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when a girl gets cake on her face and wants you to lick it off,
Girl: Hey, Thomas. Wanna lick my face?
Guy: You mean you want me to soohoo you? Ok.
by bandtard4life June 24, 2005
Barefoot man who never poops with others around. He sits on a throne of lies. He makes canoes.

see french
"Man, that Soohoo sure can make canoes well."
"You're such a Soohoo. All you do is eat cookes and not poop them out."
by Booyakasha December 04, 2003